02. Posthumous Geographies 

We see Posthumous Geographies not as a glossy fetishization of death but rather, a reading of it deeply embedded in our ambiguous condition. We live in a time when death can be a solid ideology or a monetized commodity in late capitalism, an inevitable burden or a right to choose, a social catalyst or a post-mortem twaddle. We’d like to think of death not simply as an end but rather a constructive event capable of triggering new beginnings.


Posthumous Geographies span from spatial manifestations of amnesia and obsolescence to necro-metropolises that create geopolitical narratives by systematically monetizing death. This issue serves as an anthology that brings texts from numerous disciplines together to form a narrative that is no way definitive, but rather serves as our small catalogue of interdisciplinary pairings.

December 2020
Softcover, 21 x 14,8 cm
288 pages
Around 450 grams
Printed in Spain